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Useful gear for a string player to have:

  • Soft natural fiber cloth to wipe rosin off strings, can be a handkerchief, bandana, washcloth or piece of flannel or other fabric. New clean cloth diapers or burp cloths work well too.
    • Note:  Do not use this cloth on the top of the fingerboard where you place your fingers.  You will get your fingerboard sticky and it will be hinder your playing.  If you need to wipe your upper fingerboard off then you need to get an additional cloth.
  • Music Stand- fold up music stands are inexpensive and can be purchased both online and at local music stores
  • Rosin-remember that rosin can dry out so always keep it wrapped up or in its case.   Most rosins can be used for all instruments, but bass players need a special rosin.
  • Cellos- Something to keep the endpin from slipping on a hard floor.  Rock stop (round puck kind in first picture) is ok, but often slip as well.  The better kind has a strap with a ring that goes under the leg of the chair and is adjustable. I have also seen a new one that seems to be made of a clear, gel-like material. I have not tested it out, but while watching some students use it, it did not slip.


  • Pencil
  • Some private teachers have the students bring a spiral bound notebook to write instructions and notes in.
  • Extra set of strings in case one breaks
  • Music bag to hold everything in!

Items needed once after the student has played a while:

  • Metronome
  • Tuner
  • Mute