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About Me


My name is Julia Harmon.  I started playing the cello in 4th grade, and by 8th grade I was picking up the other 3 instruments. By the end of high school I realized that I wanted to have a future in music.  I married my husband in July of 1997 and graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors in Music Education Instrumental emphasis in April of 1998.  Our first child was born in August 1998, and I put my career on hold.  Although I wasn't teaching in the public school systems I never did fully leave music  Besides taking care of our kids, I kept myself busy by directing church choirs, teaching private lessons, performing in local orchestras, and playing in chamber music.  Now we have 4 children.  Jessica is 13, Dallen is 11, Eric is 8, and Brandon is 5.    In my free time I enjoy gardening, sewing, and being with my family. 

I started teaching with Carolyn Cardella in the Billerica School System in September of 2008 and have enjoyed every minute of it.   She is a wonderful teacher and has taught me many things. I want to thank my husband for putting up with and supporting me in all that I do and for my parents for driving me to all of my rehearsals and paying for all of the years of my private lessons.